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Masku Neurological Rehabilitation Centre

Time to make your everyday life better

You can cope with a serious neurological condition if you have professional help, accurate information and a positive outlook. In Masku, our multi-skilled professionals work to ensure the best possible service that meets each patient’s need for rehabilitation.

Unique expertise

Masku is Finland´s only rehabilitation centre that concentrates solely on the rehabilitation of patients with neurological conditions. We improve our services by listening to our rehabilitees, providing further training for employees, collaborating on international level, and by undertaking research. In Masku, you will always find the latest information and know-how for treating neurological conditions.

The rehabilitation centre offers 86 beds, and our services are taken up annually by approximately 1,000 rehabilitees. Our premises have easy access. You can apply for a place in rehabilitation if you have a referral from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) or from the National Health Service, a payment guarantee from an insurance company, or if you pay for the rehabilitation yourself. The centre is run by the Finnish Neuro Society.

We specialise in neurological diseases and injuries, such as:

  • MS
  • brain injury
  • stroke
  • myasthenia gravis
  • cerebral palsy
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • epileptic conditions such as PME

and rare neurological conditions such as ALS, ataxia, CADASIL, Fabry’s disease, muscular diseases, mitochondrial diseases, spastic paraparesis, syringomyelia, polyradiculitis, HMSN and other diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

Get fit and energised

Rehabilitation offers patients an almost immediate feeling of wellbeing as well as more long-term benefits. The feedback gathered over a period of several years indicates that users have high regard for both our professionals and for the effects and benefits of rehabilitation.

Besides rehabilitation to promote physical wellbeing, our rehabilitees consider it important to have access to information on social security benefits and to exchange experiences with fellow sufferers; they also value the services provided by our various professionals, such as a speech therapist and a psychiatrist.

Rehabilitees have at their disposal fully equipped therapy and exercise rooms, sauna and swimming pool facilities; patient accommodation contains en-suite toilets and shower rooms, televisions and remote controlled beds. The rehabilitation schedule is complemented by meals which are planned by a nutritional therapist and cooked in our own kitchens.

Appropriate services

We organise rehabilitation both individually and in groups. Each rehabilitee receives a thorough evaluation of their situation, and a tailored rehabilitation plan. Many rehabilitation courses include activities for relatives, and this option is sometimes also offered for individuals.

Rehabilitation courses are intended to provide patients with information on their conditions, and to provide them support and advice on how to live with them. The emphasis is on group activities. The programme contains lectures and group discussions, group therapy and individual meetings with different professionals. We organise courses for sufferers of MS, rare neurological conditions, Myasthenia Gravis, stroke and Parkinson´s Disease.

Individual rehabilitation is intended to improve and maintain patients functional and working ability. Rehabilitees are given information and support on how to live with their condition. Each individuals personal situation is evaluated and individual and group therapies are scheduled according to mutually agreed goals. Individual rehabilitation is available for sufferers of all neurological conditions.
The Rehabilitation Centre employs neurologists, physiatrist, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, speech therapist, social workers, nurses, urotherapists, nutritional therapists, and leisure activities instructors. Furthermore, the Centre also employs occupational therapists.

Get in touch – we are happy to tell you more!

Masku Neurological Rehabilitation Centre possesses the necessary skills to cope with the multisymptomatic nature of neurological conditions and their impact on patients functionality. We are familiar with the challenges posed by the hereditary nature of neurological conditions, their unpredictability and the speed at which they progress.

Rehabilitation gives each patient an opportunity to evaluate their own condition and to attend rehabilitation without everyday worries. Patients may come to Masku regardless of where they live. Our two rehabilitation secretaries are happy to tell you about our courses, and about the availability of suitable rehabilitation.

Masku Neurological Rehabilitation Centre is located in Masku, 18 kilometres from Turku towards Rauma and Pori, along Highway 8.

Masku Neurological Rehabilitation Centre
Vaihemäentie 10
21250 Masku

tel. +358 2 439 2111

Rehabilitation secretaries
tel. +358 40 133 7009
tel. +358 40 133 7010